ShinobiWorld Contest

When the world of peace begins to waver, legends, heroes and antagonists are born. They understood the Hokage principle of the Hidden Leaf village well, one of them was Naruto, would you become one of them and bring the chakra balance back to Shinobi World ?!

We are pleased to present a refreshed version of the browser game located in the Naruto universe! Shinobi World comes back for you with an increased amount of what each of us has come to love in the cult story of the adventures of the young Ninja named Naruto! Now you have the opportunity to become the hero of the new generation of warriors and follow your own path of Ninja! From Genin to Kage! Start your adventure now at!

And now we invite you to the competition together with , Cenega Polska and JPFantastica ! What to do to take part in the competition? All you have to do is sign up at and send [email protected] an e-mail with the title "My dear ninja in Shinobi World!", With the nickname you used to register in the game, if you are already a player, you can also send your nickname and take part in the draw of three sets of prizes:
- Naruto is Boruto: Shinobi Striker (competition edition) for Playstation4 + equivalent of 50 PLN in the game's currency.
- 3x Borga manga sets of volumes # 3 and # 4 + the equivalent of 50 zlotys in the game's currency.

We're waiting for your application by the end of November 10!

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