Update 1.0.13

ComperGames platform has ben updated to the new version today. Updates mainly related to new features in CG and ShinobiWorld.

What's New ?

Version 1.0.13
  • Messages will now be displayed at the bottom of the browser window.
  • Support system has been provided on the CG platform. Since then, it's the main communication system in case of problems for players of all games.
  • Introduced premium currency system. For the moment only for tests.
  • Many small changes (platform design, cosmetic patches).


What's New?
  • Standard SW login system has been deleted. Sign in will only be possible with CG login.
  • Custom character settings has ben updated to use with Comper.Games platform
  • Changed support system to new, directly from platform
  • Removed password change directly on sw, this change can now be made in the CG platform

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